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IP video door phone for apartment video intercom sytsem

Audio & Video Appliances
IP video door phone for apartment video intercom sytsem


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Audio & Video Appliances  -  Video Intercom

Offer Post Time: 2010-09-07

Serial Code:

Model: L2-PMCL-LSK-V


Carriage: FOB Shenzhen


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Price: 0.00 USD

Model Number L1-PAC1XK Type 7”TFT IP Video door phone/Builing intercom

Detailed Product Description

7" TFT Video door phone
IP Video indoor phone
Internet connection
Romote control via IE or mobile
VOIP function Touch screen


Video door phone video intercomeVideo Indoor phone,,IP video indoor phone

1)     Ultra-thin body, aluminum alloy case,  attractive interface and clear picture quality.

2)     Pure digital building intercom, TCP/IP communication, the wiring simple and convienent, use ARM+DSP hardware and Linux operate system.

3)     Full-screen touch operation, 800X480 resolution, and 24-bit true color display.

4)     Video intercom: D1/Half D1 definition, with special audio processing circuit, and sound clarity.

5)     VOIP function: through the native it can directly dial the domestic and foreign IP phone.

6)     Phone alarm: when happened alarm, it through the default VOIP to alarm.

7)     Remote surveillance: available build-in CMOS camera or external CCD cmarea, through the IE remote surveillance the home situation.

8)     Remote video: when remote surveillance, it can stored the video content through the monitor.

9)     Remote home control: through the IE browser or mobile phone remote control all home appliances.

10)   Smart home:  complete smart home control system, through the wireless control all home appliances, and provide a single control, scene control and other models.

11)   Security alarm: offer 8 wired and wireless securtiy alarm interface, and custom zone type, name, location.

12)   Every household intercom functions: can call the any of household, and expandable video intercom.

13)   Information service: the management center can issued picture, characters and video information to the indoor phone.

14)   Visitor message, call records, and missed call and other rich features.

15)   Ultra-thin body, plexiglass panel, transmitted light key-press, after the stent can be put on the tabletop or hung on the desk.

16)   Approval CE, FCC certification



        Display Screen 

       7-inch 16:9 TFT LCD Screen



        Video Size


        Power supply


        Maximum power 


        Network Interface


        Tansmission Speed  


        Security alarm

       8 Zone


       -10 ~+55°C


       Sip g.711


       640*480 resolution

        Remote surveillance

       D1 MPEG

        Wreless home


        Wireless alarm


        Build-in Camera


        Outdoor Camera


        Scalable system


        Build-in interface


        Outdoor interface