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A4 Digital Home Security System

Audio & Video Appliances
A4 Digital Home Security System


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Offer Category: Audio & Video Appliances  -  Remote Control

Offer Post Time: 2013-10-14

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Model: L2-A4


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A4 Digital Home Security System

  1. The powerful security alarm system   
1).The system immediately access a alert state once the host is out(before out touch the"away" key).
2).When someone access the door, the system immediately start recording, while the living room lights
automatically turn on,to make sure the video clearly even at night.
3).Within the set time, if the person who access the room can not enter the correct password,
the system will start a series of  alarm actions.
    1)).Automatically VOIP calling the pre-set phone numbers by turns and notifying the home alarm
     three phone number can be preset,which will not miss any alarm situation of the home.
    2)).Then sending the video to the preset mailbox,thereby keeping a evidence which never be destroyed.
    3)).The buzzer sounding to deterrent to thieves effective.

  2. Remote surveillance ,remote recording and remote lighting control  
1).No matter in the office or on the business trip you can always check the home situation anytime.You can check
the home case immediately via IE browser once received a alarm phone from the touch indoor station.
You may forgot to turn off the lights when leaving . Then turn off the lights by Computer or mobile phone via 
IE broeser. Turn on/off the lights to deter the thieves .
2).Remote lighting control

  3.Lighting control via Remote control