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Shenzhen Lanbon Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

Smart Touch Switch

Lighting & Electrical
Smart Touch Switch


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Lighting & Electrical  -  Switches

Offer Post Time: 2013-10-14

Serial Code:

Model: L2-HSR1-GOT1


Carriage: FOB china


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

Smart Touch Switch: Steel glass panel, Full-touch operation, LED luminous instructions, a variety of designs, can be used with different styles of decoration, with is a  indispensable design element to the modern Residential, enjoying the luxury. Completely out of the traditional mechanical switches, long life,
Beautiful, the most important is its powerful intelligent control functions, allows you to arbitrary design
the convenient control way as you wish.

1. Intelligent linkage: All our switches are bi-directional, switching control between each other, easy to achieve dual control, the three control functions. For example, turn on the lights downstairs, turn off the lights upstairs and so on. Our unique nine-gang switch can centralized Control and indicate the light in different rooms at home. So clear to show home lights state.

2. The rich scene features:
Press the 'ALL OFF' key when we go out then all of the lights around the house, curtains, and other electrical appliances will switch off, Press one key can make the living room lights, air conditioning, curtains, etc. transfer to a predetermined state.

The learning time can enter the learning mode, in addition to dining mode, camera mode etc. rich scenes modes, easy and quick.