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Shenzhen Lanbon Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

High-grade aluminum alloy 7

Audio & Video Appliances
High-grade aluminum alloy 7


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Audio & Video Appliances  -  Video Intercom

Offer Post Time: 2013-10-14

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Carriage: FOB china


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

Detail Description

Achieve Function:

●Video Intercom: With the doorphone to achieve the call, video intercom and unlock function;
●And every household intercom: Together with other Indoor intercom can be realized every
household intercom and two-way video capabilities;
●Visitor takes a souvenir photo / Message: when the Doorphone was calling, it can provides
the souvenir photo and Message function;
●Video Monitoring: The Indoor unit may monitor the Doorphone;
●Call management center: Provides to shout the management center straight the clipper service;
●Information Service: The Management Center may offer the article, picture or video service to Indoor unit;
●The Indoor unit provides wired 8 zone and wireless 8 zone of security alarm interface for the user to select;
●Smart Home: May scalable of Single FireWire and two-lane two-way Smart Home products,
 is rich in optional scene and a flexible programming settings.
●Property Service: According to residential characteristics, customized property services.
●electronic frame: May play the electronic frame.
●Film and television Play: May play and appreciate video.

Specific Function:
●VOIP: Can dial IP telephone, direct to dial domestic and abroad.
●VOIP alarm: When has the police sentiment,  May dial the automatically through the IP telephone
 makes the user call the police.
●Alarm recording:  When has the police sentiment, the automatic start has a video recording, scene
situation retention;
●Remote surveillance: In may through the IE browser, view the home situation in any location.
●Remote Home Control: Remotely control all home appliances.